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- Hunt wild game, start a farm, and fish the water for food. Harvest trees and ore for precious resources, or dare to explore treacherous dungeons for riches. 

- Blacksmithing, alchemy, and runes are non-combatant crafting trees that characters can specialize in. Almost all items in the game are made by characters in-game and sold by them in player-owned stores.

- Build a home, customize the design and decor, or join a settlement for the extra protection. With a settlement, a guild can raid and siege others, and capture the high resource dungeons. Settlements can be upgraded with resources, increasing the capacity and power of guardsmen. 

- An engaging combat system with hundreds of spells to customize your character, and a challenging world to immerse you in. Spires of Agartha is designed to bring out the creativity in roleplayers by plunging them into a lore rich plot where every day is a new emergent gameplay experience.

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SpiresRP.exe 57 MB


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I've updated the installer to the latest version. Avast (and other anti-virus) does sometimes flag it is as a virus, and I think that's because the installer software we use isn't too well known. 

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connecting and nothing

Avast detects installer as Win32 Evo-gen and won't let me run. :(